Monday, March 17, 2014

Multiple Shining Moments! -or- Bracket Challenge Time

Hey folks, I know you just got your ass handed to you playing The Pool, but hey, you've got another chance to win! The Bracket Challenge is up and running. Here's the link, and here's the rules:

Entries are $10 each. Money MUST be in before the games begin Thursday.  
We start drinking bier at the 1st tip Thursday, and we shan't be taking any money afterwards. If you need to make arrangements to get your money in, email us.
Enter as often as you like, but make sure and use a different name, or add a number after your name for multiple entrants.

Step 1:  Click on THIS LINK.

Step 2:  Click on the New Entry Button.

Step 3:  Enter your entrant name, a password (so you can go back and change your picks if you like) and an e-mail address where we can contact you.

Step 4:  Click on the teams you want to advance, and enter the total points of the final game for the tie-breaker.
Step 5:  You can print your bracket by selecting the Print button at the bottom, or just hit Next to submit. 

Step 6:  Go back to the same home page to check your score and some cool features during the tourney! 

Step 7:  Enjoy the games!

Champeen O The World -or- Don't Sweat The Technique

Congrats go out to 2014 Champeen, Eric C, who held on by the narrowest of margins for the win, despite dropping a 6-6 in the last week. Eric's been a player, and contender, in The Pool since we started, so it's nice to see him get his name on the plaque for the 1st time.  That's not Eric over there on the right, that's Eric B & Rakim. They're awesome too. And there's surprisingly few pics that involve an "Eric C" on the googleverse.

Looking ahead, it's time for The Pool's Bracket Challenge. We're using the same site as we have the last few years, so most of you will be familiar w/ it. I'll have the rules and details in the following post in just a few minutes.

Congrats, Eric! And thanks to everyone who played this year. I hope you had fun, we sure did. We'll see you next November!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Party Time! -or- How Did You Finish?

For those of you ANXIOUSLY awaiting the results of the final week, and the season... well, keep waiting.

We will be announcing, as usual, the winners of Week 14, and the 2013-2014 Season at Jimtown on Saturday at 3pm. There will be pizza, bier & merriment. Or at least drunken carousing. So get yo ass to Jimtown Saturday and see who has been kicking your ass this year.

We hope to see you Saturday!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 14 -or- One Shining Moment Is In Cue

Week 14 game page and the updated standings are up and there's major drama in play. Eric C has come on strong at the end to take the lead, but there are 4 guys with a real chance within 4 games.  The last week's standings will be revealed at our big year-end bash at Jimtown on Saturday, March 15th @ 3pm.  I'll announce details soon.

Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 13 -or- Brrrrrsketball

Whilst the rest of us were trying to thaw our balls the past month, Hogzilla was quietly inflating his and practicing his back door cuts. Next thing we know, bing, bam, bing again, BOOM - the two time champ is once again in the drivers seat with just two weeks to play.

It won't be easy for The Hogfather tho, there are 6 Poolsters within just 3 games, including charter Pool Playas Mr. C, Gerthy & Papaw. Max has been playing since he was 8, IFM have been pooling their collective knowledge of teenage athletes for as long as MJoe has been mailing in his checks and Peter Jerkin has been at or near the top of the leader board all year. Meanwhile, Eric has been intricately involved in the pool game since before Kentucky fans were hiding their racism, so he's not expected to go quietly either.

What we're saying is, it's only two weeks, but there's Pooling to be Pooled. So stay tuned, and we'll all enjoy some of these fuckers going 2-10 and losing their shit on a BDubs waitress b/c a Mountain West grudge match didn't come out the way they thought.


By the way, The Pool's year end bash WILL be March 15th at Jimtown Bar. We'll anounce details next week.

Week 12 standings here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 12

Week 12 Standings are posted. Sorry for the delay, we're dying from a common cold.

Some interesting developments the last few weeks. IFM is now sitting pretty, three games up on a trio of 2nd placers. Of those, Peter Jerkin is hanging on for dear life after seeing his lead of up to 4 games evaporate. J-Dog is back and contention and Gerthy is making his once-every-four-years run. Out of nowhere, the legendary Hogzilla is up on the leader board after taking a year or two off from contention. We'll see if he's can make a run at his record 3rd appearance on the championship plaque.

We will be having a year-end bash at Jimtown. The date will be announced here soon, but it's tentatively scheduled for the Saturday before the NCAA tourney begins. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 8

Week 8 game page is up and running on the right side bar. (And here)

Standings after Week 7 are available on the left side bar. (And here)

Not a whole lot of good basketball games on the slate this weekend to help us deal with football withdrawal. My advice is to drink heavily.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 7

Week 7 game page is up and live on the sidebar.
The Standings after week 6 are up on the left sidebar (or Here).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 6

Week 6 game page is up and live on the right sidebar. (Or click here.) The standings after week 5 are available on the left sidebar. (Or here.)

Tough week this week - only two 9-3's, one 8-4's and thirteen 7-5's. On top of that, the Tie-Breaker score was 210 and the closest guess to that was 27 points away!

Peter Jerkin hasn't had a lot of success in The Pool, but has been on fire this year. Stic hasn't had any success in The Pool that we recall, but came up gold this week. A lot of familiar names in the top 15 or so, but a few pereniel contenders down around or below half way down the standings. Plenty of time to recover as conference play has just gotten started and things will get interesting, but two-time defending champs F&S may be sweating a bit.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week Five

The Week 5 Game Page is active over on the right side bar. (Or here.) The standings are available via the link on the left side bar. (Or here.)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Week 4 - or - Why Isn't Anyone At Work?

The link to the standings after week 3 are up on the left sidebar and the Week 4 game page is active! Yes, there are games this weekend! So tell the kids you can open presents AFTER you do research for The Pool!

Only 2 folks correctly picked Purdue to win in Week 3, and only 6 got the Illinois & KState wins right. Not a lot of faith in the B1G.

BTW, the weekly prizes are 60 points for 1st, 35 2nd, 20 3rd, 10 for 4th and a bier for 5th. Mmmmm... points and bier....

Good luck,have a Happy Merry, and enjoy the games, kids.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Huh? -or- Like, Huh?

Week 3 Game Sheet is up. Click the link on the sidebar. Standings will be updated today, I screwed them up last night.

Update 12/19/13: I fixed it! Standings are available over there on the left sidebar. (Or here: Standings) Week 3's game page is up and running. The PCode list on the right sidebar is up to date. I just drank 6000 biers. All is well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week 2 Game Page -or- Ummm...

We're still cypherin' and figurin' on the standings after Week One - trying to sort out some new players and such. We hope to have those available this afternoon. But the Week 2 game page is available! Click here or as always the link on the sidebar to submit.

Update: The standings have been updated. You can get to them via the link over on the left sidebar. (or click here) We have not determined the weekly prizes yet as there will be a couple folks joining the fun late. We'll let you know here early next week what they will be.

Enjoy the games, kids.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week One Game Page -or- We're Rusty

Had a little difficulty w/ the Week One Game page link on the sidebar, but it's fixed now. So CLICK HERE or over there on the sidebar to access the Week 1 game page.  Good luck everyone!

NOTE: If you are new to The Pool, or at least didn't play last year, just enter 00 in the pcode spot and we'll assign you a number this week.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Pool For (You) Dummies (2013-2014 Edition) -or- Have Fun Guessing What 18 Year Old's Are Gonna Do

Okay, say you don’t know what the hell this “Pool” is, yet every barber, sports writer and Asian hooker you meet is telling you should get in it.  “If only someone would post a brief description and how-to,” you say to yourself. 

Well pal, you’re in luck, for we’re posting a brief description and how-to.

Every week, there’re 12 games plus a "tie-breaker" to pick.  You select the winner of each game, and the winner and total points for the tiebreaker. You submit it to The Braintrust via the link posted on the right sidebar each week.  There are 14 weeks (starting December 7th).  Every week, the top 4 records win.  Fifth place gets a bier chip from Jimtown Bar. We keep standings for the year, and at the end we have a party and award the top handful.  The fee for this awesomeness is but $60. That’s it!

The weekly results, a post/newsletter and the next week’s game sheet is no later than Wednesday night, and the weekly prizes are available Thursday night.

The pic on the right is what the game page looks like--->

Fill in your name, PCode #, and click on each team you think will win. Fill in the TOTAL POINTS for the tie-breaker game. Hit "Print" if you want to, you know, print it, and then hit "Submit". If you input your e-mail address then an e-mail will be sent to you w/ your picks.

If you want a more detailed look at it, check out the rules in a previous post, or just ask a Braintrust member or experienced player.  Trust us, and the Asian hookers, it’s fun.

The Pool Roolz -or- Without Laws, There Be Anarchy

1) The Pool is an invitation only game for entertainment purposes only. If you know someone who would like to participate, please contact a Braintrust member for approval. The Pool’s blog/newsletter is for adults.

2) When & How Much? The Pool will begin December 7th and run for 14 weeks. Entry fee is $60. If you're not paid by Week 2, you shall be disqualified, scorned and slowly bludgeoned to death with a one of those pool noodle things.

C) Turning In Money & Picks. Turn your cash in at Jimtown Bar or to a Braintrust member no later than week 2. (Email us if you need to make other arrangements.) Submit your picks on the page via the link on the right side-bar.  Each week’s link will be up no later than Wednesday night. The website is easy as hell, but if you're too stupid to use it e-mail us. You can even do it from your phone.  Picks must be turned in before the 1st game on the sheet begins. Sheets turned in late will be discarded unceremoniously.

4) The Games. There will be twelve college basketball games to pick each week, plus one tie-breaker. The games will always take place over the weekend. Pick a winner for each game, including the tie-breaker, and guess a total score for the tie-breaker game. Games without a winner picked will count as a loss and result in a strongly worded letter sent to your parents and grade-school teachers, scolding them for raising such a dolt.

Cinco) “P-Code” Numbers. If you played in The Pool last year, you were assigned a “p-code” number. Check the final standings from last year or the list of p-codes on the right side-bar if you don’t remember what that number is.  If you are new to The Pool, you will be assigned a number after your first week. Please put this number in the appropriate box on your sheet every week. This is important for stat-keeping purposes, so don’t fuck it up. While you’re at it, put your name on there too, genius. Please use the same name all year long so our software doesn't bug the fuck out.
VI) Winner, Winner, Turkey Brunch. The top five records each week will win prizes. Standings will be kept for the entire year, and prizes will be awarded based on total wins. Weekly and year-end prize values will be determined after we figure out how many players we have. Fifth place weekly will receive a beer chip from Jimtown Bar. If you win the beer chip, but live out of town, The Braintrust will drink a beer in your honor, and speak of you fondly for at least ½ of the beer-drinking time. Your mother will not be discussed. Probably.

7) Missed Weeks. If you are late turning in your sheet or for some reason miss week one you will be credited with a 6-6 record.  After week one if you are late or don’t turn in a sheet you will be given the same record as the last place entry for that week, not to exceed 6-6.

Eight) The Braintrust consist of Marlon, Wags & Robb. If you have questions, comments or suggestions to improve The Pool, feel free to address The Braintrust somewhere in their 4 to 18 beer “window.” It is customary to help a Braintrust Member along in his window when requesting an audience with him. If your question, comment or suggestion is stupid, the Braintrust Member reserves the right to make fun of you openly, unless you have tits or have just bought him beer. As always, The Braintrust does not promise to be either brainy or trustworthy. But we promise to try. 

While we don't write as much as we used to, when we do we tend to cuss... a lot.  So if you’re the type that gets offended by a dick joke or two, please stop reading now, and feel free to fuck right off.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Pool is Coming Soon!

College basketball is starting up, and so it's time to prepare for The Pool. This year we'll be starting on December 7th and going 14 weeks. Entry fee is $60. We'll be posting an updated closer to the start so stay tuned. Email us or contact a Braintrust member if you have any questions.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pool's Bracket Challenge -or- Multiple Shining Moments

If you can't possibly be as horrible at picking winners of college basketball games as your record in The Pool indicates, here's your chance to redeem yourself. Go to this link and enter our bracket challenge. Contact us at ThePool (at) JimtownbarPool (dot) com (there's an e-mail link on the side-bar) to arrange payment ($10).

1) Click on the link.
2) Select “New Entry”
3) Input your entry name. If entering more than once make sure and include a number to differentiate.
4) Fill out your bracket by clicking on each winning team. Fill in the Total Points of the final game for the tie-breaker.
5) Click “Print” to print your sheet.
6) Click “Next” to submit your sheet.
7) You’re done, enjoy the games!

You can go back to that site during the games to check your standings & some other cool shit.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Way It Was, 2012-2013 -or- Fin

Congrats go to Father & Son for their 2nd straight Pool title, our first back to back champions. The standings are posted on the link on the left sidebar (or here) and there's a glimpse of the top of the standings below. The folks above the line won year-end prizes. If you haven't collected your weekly prize or didn't make the party yesterday to collect your year-end, do so before next weekend.

If you want to prove you're not a total dumbass go ahead and get in our Bracket Challenge. We'll have details up for that on Monday.

Thanks for playing, we hope you had fun.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Way It Was, Week 14 -or- About Time Purdue Was Useful

While you were sitting around wondering which of The Braintrust is most likely to be voted Pope, The Pool was working feverishly compiling this week’s stats. Not really, we were drinking and whittling this year's 1st place trophy.

We've come to the end of The Pool's season, and man has it flown by. It seems like just one post ago it was Week 9. But you know what they say: time flies when you’re having tums. And we ate a lot of tums after last week's chili contest. So as we peak at the standings going into the final week, we see Father & Son poised to win their 2nd straight Pool. They'd join Hog as the only two-time winners, and would probably talk as much shit as he does about it too. A handful of worthy Poolsters hope to hit a last-second half-court heave and upset the defending champs. At the top of that list sits perennial bottom-feeder, Papaw. We'll ask you one more time sir, WHO'S FILLING OUT YOUR SHEET FOR YOU!?

The final week's and year end standings will be revealed at Jimtown bar on March 16th at time to yet to be determined. We'll give out the year end prizes and have a little party whilst enjoying the Big 10 Tourney and Eva's awesome wings, so we hope all the players will come out and celebrate another great year.

As for week 14, Mr. Lucky took home the prize with the only 12-0. Good thing he was the only one since he missed the tie-breaker and was off 50 points on the score.  For the 2nd time this year Shawn finished 11-1 and not in the money. And speaking of last-second shots, both times unlikely game-winners lost him the perfect record. Obviously, the basketball gods hate Shawn.

It was a pretty chalky weekend with Louisville being the least chosen winner and 19 folks took them. Here's to hoping that Week 15 produces some drama.

Standings are up to date and game page will be up tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy the games, kids!